The goal of the History and Legacy effort is to provide the American public with historically accurate materials and interactive experiences that will help Americans better understand and appreciate the service of our Vietnam War veterans and the history of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

Educational Resources

Posters Link



Do you know how many wounded American military nurses tended to during the Vietnam War? Which year did the troop level start to drop? Find out answers to these questions and many more by checking out our growing selection of posters. See all Posters



Fact Sheets Link



Fact Sheets
Like the posters, our fact sheets help tell the story of the Vietnam War, but through the eyes of each service. Read what the Marine Corps contributed to the war, or the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, or Air Force. See all Fact Sheets



Primary Sources Link



Primary Sources
Firsthand accounts are essential to understanding history properly. What do presidential memos, letters home, Department of State cables, and treaties tell us about the Vietnam War and the men and women who contributed to it? See all Primary Sources



Maps Link



Many aspects of war are influenced by the location of cities, rivers, mountains, and other strategic locations. Our collection of maps will help catch you up to speed on South East Asia. See all Maps

Future initiatives will include web-based oral history interviews with Vietnam veterans and a traveling educational museum.

Commemorative Partners

Schools are encouraged to become a Commemorative Partner to honor the service, valor, and sacrifice of the Vietnam War veterans in their hometown. Partners will receive additional educational materials.