Marine Corps Mustang Association


On 10 November 1985, Captain Robert E. Richter, USMC (Ret) founded The Marine Corps Mustang Association (MCMA), in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The MCMA is a full member of and participant in the National Marine Corps Council of Agencies.
Since sometime before 1935, the term "Mustang" has been used by the United States Sea Services to denote enlisted men who worked their way up the ranks to officer status. Now, of course, women Marine officers with prior Marine Corps enlisted service are also Mustangs.
Going back to the Middle Ages, there was always a distinction between officers and men in the ranks which amounted to a caste system. Shakespeare in his Henry V exemplifies this when he has a sentry hail, "Art thou officer? Or art thou base, common and popular?"
The MCMA strives to inspire love of our Corps and Country and afford to all of its members a means to promote camaraderie and esprit de corps in keeping with the highest spirit & traditions of the United States Marine Corps.
MCMA also provides a forum in which Mustangs may assemble for social intercourse and to provide a forum for the communication of matters of mutual interest.
We also strive to sustain reverence for the memory of our departed shipmates and to preserve the historical records of Mustangs and their achievements.