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We are a family oriented motorcycle riding association, NOT a motorcycle club (MC). Members of the “Purple Heart Riders” are veterans who were wounded in battle and awarded the "Purple Heart Medal". Membership in the “Purple Heart Riders National Association® is open to all veterans awarded the Purple Heart Medal. Many veterans are also members of the "Military Order of the Purple Heart", but is not required. Our mission is to promote patriotism, service to all our veterans, service to our...
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EAPLS (Edgar Allan Poe Literary Society Inc. is a nonprofit incorporated veterans organization for former Raven FACs that flew in Laos during the Vietnam War. One of our main purposes is to give scholarships to qualifying descendants of a Lao or Lao-Hmong individual who served in the Royal Laotian Military or Hmong forces in defense of the Kingdom of Laos between 1960 and 1975. During the course of American history, there have been many covert military operations. None, however, reached the...
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We are an organization of military aircrew members, charted as an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. We are dedicated to providing a college education for the children of all military aviators killed in the performance of aircrew duties. Our origins are from the Vietnam War, and the name comes from the Red River that runs through Hanoi & Haiphong. Charter members are those that flew combat missions over the Hanoi/Haiphong target areas. The original organization was designed to...
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Started in mid-1962 with a special $10 million fund from the Kennedy White House, this was America’s first integrated counterinsurgency program, blending local economic and social development with incentives for better local government and security. This program turned the traditional AID country effort on its head. AID/Vietnam (known as USOM) was a headquarters-focused, capital-oriented organization that worked by helping national ministries and had virtually no presence in the countryside.
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Sons and Daughters In Touch was formed in 1990 to 'locate, unite and support the children of American servicemen who were lost, or remain missing as a result of the Vietnam War.' Since then, SDIT has established contact with more than 3000 of these now-grown children. Beginning in 1992, the organization began holding national Father's Day reunions at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ('92, '93, '97, 2000, '05 and '10.) In 2003, more than 50 SDIT members were part of an historic delegation that...
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The South Boston Vietnam Veteran's Memorial sits in the M Street Park in South Boston, Massachusetts. Everyone listed on the monument had come to the park sometime during their childhood. It is thought to be the first Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in the country. The idea for building the monument came while some friends had gathered to remember three of their friends who had been killed in 1968 while serving in Vietnam. It was the tenth anniversary of their deaths. The three were part of a...
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The SOA, established in December 1977 is a Veteran’s fraternal organization of past and present American and Allied military special operations in a combat environment. The group includes veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, the Balkans, Somalia as well as those from our most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Membership is limited to Free World forces who supported or personally participated in missions deep inside hostile territory in a combat capacity.
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The Tan Son Nhut Association has been established to respect all of those service personnel from the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, as well as the many civilians who served at any time during the Vietnam conflict at the great airdrome at Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Saigon, Republic of Vietnam.​
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Composed of members from all branches of the service plus Coast Guard, Air America, IBM and other civilian contractors. Unlike most veteran’s groups, we are also an IRS recognized 501C3 non-profit with current aid operations underway in Thailand and Laos. They are all listed on the Assistance page of our website. Go to the “Assistance Program” from the pull down menu on the left of the screen.​
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The Retired Enlisted Association is the powerful voice of retired enlisted and active duty enlisted personnel from all branches of service. They are the premier source of grassroots lobbying, and the leading resource for legislative and healthcare information. They fight every day in Washington D.C. to protect and ensure the health and welfare of enlisted military personnel, and to defend the military retirement entitlements and benefits.
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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC honors the 2.7 million American women and men who served in the Vietnam War. Carved of the granite panels of "The Wall" are the names of the 58,267 who gave the ultimate sacrifice in that war. The web site named The Virtual Wall(TM) has a memorial tribute page honoring each casualty. Many tribute pages have personal remembrances in the form of photographs, letters, and poems submitted by the general public. The names of the fallen can be found...
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Healing the wounds of war- advocating for and bringing awareness to the non-Veteran community about Vietnam Veterans, their family, and experiences. Creating platforms for Vietnam Veterans and their families to network and tell their stories. Proposed and Advocated for a Vietnam Veteran's Day bill in WI and organized the very first official WI Vietnam Veteran's Day celebration. Proud Daughter of a Vietnam Vet.
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Tin Can Sailors was formed in 1976 in Fall River Massachusetts as a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We publish The Tin Can Sailor newspaper each quarter and host an extensive website at The newspaper is provided free to each destroyer and frigate of the active fleet and to hardship members who cannot afford the $30 annual fee. Since 1990, Tin Can Sailors, through our Thomas J. Peltin Destroyer Museum Grant Program, has made donations tot​
The Army Transportation Corps Aviation Association is a group of retired Army pilots and aircraft logisticians who flew in Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts until the 1980's. We represent all ranks, from generals to privates, and our membership is spread nationally and internationally. We are proud to be a part of the 50th anniversary of the start of Vietnam for we, the Transportation Corps, were the first Army aviation units in Vietnam circa 1961.
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Establish a global forum for the Center of Military History to distribute historical information and products to inform, educate and professionally develop the soldiers and leadership of the U.S. Army.​
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Mission: The US Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) educates a broad audience on the heritage of the U.S. Army by acquiring, preserving, and making available historical records, materials, and artifacts. USAHEC educates the Army and the public on the central role of the Army in the development and protection of our nation and its way of life. USAHEC supports the US Army War College education, research and publication, and strategic communication missions through its public programs...
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The Office of Medical History is part of the OTSG/MEDCOM History Program. Our mission is to support the men and women of the U.S. Army Medical Department and Army Medical Command through the assembly and publication of reference materials, original works, previously unpublished works, reprints, special studies, web publications, AMEDD newspaper/professional publications, and print series. The program includes the administration of a field history program as well as an oral history program for...​
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The US Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Oklahoma supports educational programs, projects, activities, and endeavors focused on Marine Corps core values of honor, courage, and commitment, as embodied within the traditions and lore of the Marine Corps. The Council also provides direct assistance to Oklahoma based Marine Corps recruiting, reserve, and unit detachments, through incentive/award programs, publicity, visible community leadership, and the like.
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US Navy Beach Jumpers were highly classified units that existed initially during World War II. These units were tasked with tactical cover and deception and the concept for these units came about as a result of then Lieutenant Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Hollywood actor turned Naval Officer, having been assigned to duty with the British Combined Operations Commandos in England. The units were deactivated after the war but were again activated in 1951 until 1972. Beach Jumpers served on the ground...
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The only organization whose primary mission is to restore the full retirement annuity earned by disabled retirees of the Uniformed Services. Since 1981 we have been fighting to protect the few remaining entitlements earned by, and promised to, military retirees and their families.
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