Primary Sources


Pentagon Papers. Summary and Chapter 1: "Background to the Crisis: 1940-50."
Roosevelt and Stalin Discuss the Future of French Rule in Indochina (1943)
Roosevelt to Cordell Hull on Indochina (1944)
Abdication of Bao Dai (1945)
Franklin Roosevelt on French Rule in Indochina (1945)
Vietnamese Declaration of Independence (1945)
Accord between France and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1946)
Agreement of the Independence of Vietnam (1946)
Eisenhower on the Strategic Link between French Forces in Europe and Vietnam
Report of Pham No Mach to the Soviet Envoy in Switzerland, A.G. Kulazhenkov (1947)


Pentagon Papers. Chapter 2: "U.S. Involvement in the Franco-Viet Minh War: 1950-1954."
Minutes of the Meeting between Truman and Pleven (1951)
NSC 100: Recommended Policies and Actions in Light of the Grave World Situation. (1951)
NSC Staff Study on U.S. Objectives and Courses of Action with respect to Communist Agression in SE Asia (1952)
Indochina- United States Emergency Aid to Laos and Thailand News Conference (1953)
NSC Action No. 1074-a, on Possible U.S. Intervention in Indochina (1954)
NSC 5405, "United States Objectives and Courses of Action with Respect to Southeast Asia." (1954)
American COMINT and the Franco-Vietnamese War

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