Vietnam War Commemoration Commission

Commemoration on the Move Phase II

10/22/2016 - 5/17/2018

Commemorative Partner: Camelback Chapter NSDAR
Point of Contact: Kristin Larsen

Event Location: 1621 West Acoma Drive, Phoenix, AZ, 85023
Description: Our DAR Chapter is going to have a program we call "Commemoration on the Move". We will be obtaining names of Vietnam era Veterans in our community from our chapter membership. We will travel to these individuals homes to present them with certificates and other commemoration memorabilia. We will talk briefly with the veteran and family present about the purpose of the commemoration and officially welcome them home. This event was different in that it was not one big event. We located Vietnam veteran through our chapter's members. We traveled through our city visiting these veterans in their homes, or at a pre-determined location to thank them, present lapel pins and DAR certificates, a special letter from our Chapter Regent and other Commemorative information and materials. A short speech was made on the history of the 50th commemorative effort. This gave us the opportunity to visit veterans individually or in small groups, hear their stories and truly thank them. One of our chapter members reached out to about 30 of her former classmates who lived out of our local area. Many had not heard from her in years. They had marvelous conversations, each veteran truly expressing their gratitude that she had found them and told them about the Commemoration. Packages including all of the items listed below along with a special letter written by the Regent were mailed to each of them. Whether local or not, the gratitude expressed by all the veterans was overwhelming. Many said this is the first time anyone ever recognized them. Someone said the war was so long ago they don't think about it much anymore. Many thank you notes and letters were received. In times where various factors make it difficult to have a single large event, this method of reaching veterans truly worked and we would recommend it to other Commemorative Partners.


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