Monthly Meeting of DAR Broken Arrow Creek Chapter

9/6/2018 - 9/26/2019

Commemorative Partner: National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Broken Arrow Creek Chapter
Point of Contact: Terri Larson

Event Location: 505 E. Kenosha, Broken Arrow, OK, 74012
Description: Our Chapter is focusing on service to veterans at this time. Each time we meet it seems that another member has met a Vietnam Veteran and wishes she could have honored him with a lapel pin. Some have been family members and some complete strangers. We have several public events in the near future and the Chapter Regent has asked that I request lapel pins so that we can have them available for any Vietnam Veterans who have not already received them. At our last board meeting we were standing in line to purchase lunch when one of us noticed a man wearing a Vietnam Veteran hat. She turned to him and said "Thank you for your service, Sir". He got tears in his eyes and said "No-one has ever said that to me!" When we sat down in the little meeting room to eat and continue our meeting the lady who had talked to him said she wished we had a pin to give him. I dug in my bag and sure enough, the last pin from our previous event was there and she took it and gave it to him. A bit later after he finished his meal he came into our meeting room and said, "Ladies, thank you so very much for the pin, and thank you for the service you are doing for veterans and for our country!" It was very touching for all concerned!


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