Naval Air Museum Visitors group

1/30/2019 - 3/16/2019

Commemorative Partner: Crossroads Hospice of Kansas City
Point of Contact: Leslie Tuttle

Event Location: 1750 Redford Blvd, Pensacola, FL, 32508
Description: The Naval Air Museum Volunteer group is bringing this into their visitors program. Ron Maki one individual among other snowbirds that travel to Florida for the winter months They incorporate the pinning with the cooperation of the Director of the Museum have had a fantastic response with daily visitors coming on. The traffic thru the museum on a daily basis is impressive and he is in process of assisting the Director on site to become a partner to continue this throughout the year. You will be receiving their application very soon. The volunteers that are there are realizing how much this means to the Veterans as they tour the museum to have a connection so personal and done with such respect that it is creating quite a wonderful happening for all who see and listen to the presentations. The attendance entry on this request is an average of visitors through the museum over a period of time. As the summer months approach it increases and that is why they are going to apply to be a partner themselves at the Museum. WooHoo. They are pleased that an average of 10% of those Vietnam Veterans have already received theirs when they are coming through.


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