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The College of Southern Maryland, a designated Commemorative Partner of the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, is planning a number of events centering on the Vietnam War, including speakers, panel discussions, seminars, films, and readings concerning the combat experience and its effects on veterans, the children of war, the Vietnamese refugee experience, and the combat experience and its effects on veterans.

At the end of this schedule there is a list of possible topics students in different courses and disciplines (for example English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Medicine) might explore during this period. Several of these topics can be connected to one or more of the events below. In addition, the veterans and other members in the Commemoration Committee are available for interviews and resource material.

There are also links to chapters, poems and essays by the writers who will appear in this year's Connections' series, included with the permission of the authors, for possible use in courses. The schedule is subject to change.

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