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Ammo Chiefs Association


The Ammo Chiefs Association (ACA), is a not-for-profit; fraternal Association dedicated to the promotion of camaraderie among active duty and retired USAF AMMO Chiefs. Many of our members served in Southeast Asia preparing and delivering the aerial munitions required to support the mission. Ammo Chiefs in the USAF continue to provide the leadership for munitions troops who are supporting the current operations necessitated by national policy. In addition to supporting worthwhile charitable causes a primary objective of the ACA is to preserve the memory and history of the contributions made by the munitions troops of the USAF a large part of which is directly associated with the Vietnam War. The ACA contributes to the morale of active duty AMMO troops at Chapter levels through recognition and sports programs. The ACA sponsors awards programs for the AMMO School House Outstanding Performer, and the Air Force Combat Ammunition Center  Outstanding Performer.  We are AMMO, and proud of it, IYA Ammo YAS!





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