Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records


The Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR) is the highest level of administrative review within the Department of the Air Force. Unless procured by fraud, a decision is final and conclusive on all officers of the United States.

Once applicable records are obtained, applications are screened to determine if they may be corrected without referral to the AFBCMR. In many situations, corrections to military records may be made administratively.

Records may be obtained and the request evaluated by the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR). Applications that are not administratively corrected by the OPR will be considered by the AFBCMR. A copy of all advisory opinions are referred to the applicant or the applicant's counsel for response.

Except in those cases where a personal appearance is granted, the AFBCMR bases its decision on the evidence contained in the case file. This normally consists of military records, an advisory from the OPR, and statements, arguments, and documents provided by the applicant. The burden of proof of either error or injustice rests with the applicant.

Please direct any inquiries to the intake unit at Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) at 612-565-1248

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