506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association


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URL: http://www.506infantry.org/

The mission of the Association is to: Preserve and honor the memory, the history, and the esprit de corps of those who have served in the 506th Parachute Infantry and its successors -- the 506th Infantry (Basic Training), the 1st Airborne Battle Group 506th Infantry; the 506th Infantry (Airborne); the 506th Infantry (Airmobile); and the 506th Infantry (Air Assault). Maintain a database of 506th Veterans and assist members in locating those Currahees with whom they served. Sponsor periodic reunions that nourish and perpetuate the camaraderie and the Currahee spirit among 506th Veterans of all eras. The vision for the Association is to establish an organization that: Welcomes all Currahees who have served in the Regiment from activation in 1942 to the present and into the future. Recognizes that each 506th Veteran has the right to participate equally with all other Currahees in Association activities. The Association prohibits any form of discrimination.