1st Battalion 83rd Artillery


The 1st Battalion 83rd Artillery organization represents former members of the 1/83rd Artillery along with some Australian and New Zealand Veterans of the Vietnam War. When we first arrived in Vietnam in October 1966, we were with the Australian Task Force that was in the III Corps (II Field Force) area of operations. In early 1968 after the TET offensive, the 1/83rd moved north to the I Corp area of operations where they remained until the 1/83rd stood down in May 1971. During that time the 1/83rd fired support missions for many units and operations and fired over 385,000 rounds in support of Australian, ARVN and US operations.

We attempt to assist our members and others with Veterans issues. We assist those looking for former members of the 1/83rd, those needing support with VA claims, questions on Agent Orange and other health issues affecting Vietnam Veterans. Our group has members who are from all over the world. Our next reunion is in Branson, MO in October 2014. Please visit our website at http://www.1stbn83rdartyvietnam.com/ for more information on the 1/83rd Artillery.