1st Battalion 61st Infantry


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History needs to be clear as to the service and honor of the US Army Infantrymen that served in the 1st Bn 61st Inf. The men of this unit deserve official recognition. The Bn was part of a Separate Brigade who's parent unit, the 5th Division, remained in the USA. When it comes to newspapers, USO shows and official awards and decorations separate Brigades and their soldiers are lost in the shadow of two star commanded Divisions.Although the USMC credit the truth is the 1/61 was the principal American unit along the Vietnamese DMZ for the period 1969 thru 1972. Major combat between an American Infantry unit and NVA regular forces is a part of history that deserves to be seen. Any visitor that follows this site from beginning to end will be exposed to a picture of American history that ranges from 1917 to the present. The review of the actions and blood shed by American soldiers over part of the history of the United States should help the visitor better appreciate the sacrifices that make our country the leader and power it is today.