101st Airborne Association


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Email: 101stairbornedivisionassociation@comcast.net
Phone: (931) 431-0199
URL: http://www.screamingeagle.org/#

The Association was created by Screaming Eagle veterans for Screaming Eagle veterans over sixty years ago. It now is approaching 10,000 members. All those who have worn the most recognized division insignia in the world are welcome and encouraged to join the Association, regardless of where or when you served.

The Association mission: To maintain the camaraderie and preserve the memory of those who served; perpetuating the SCREAMING EAGLE heritage and traditions for future generations; while supporting our veterans and the current Eagles as the 101st Airborne Division continues its Rendezvous with Destiny.

The Association has annual reunions rotated throughout different parts of the country as well as annual Week of the Eagle participation at Ft Campbell. These activities provide great opportunities to meet with old friends and to make new ones. They also provide opportunities for unit reunions, which the Association wholeheartedly supports. If you are planning a unit reunion, consider having it in conjunction with an Association event, as many units are doing now.

If you are not a member or were formerly a member, you are cordially invited to any of our activities, to participate on a trial basis. We are confident you will react as most of our members do when they rejoin the company of our vets and the outstanding young troopers. Try it, you’ll like it!

To demonstrate our support of the current Eagles, the Association sponsors the Screaming Eagle Support Fund, which has contributed over $420,000 to support our active troops and their families in the post 9/11 environment. Additionally, The Association presents annual scholarships to deserving Screaming Eagle family members.

To perpetuate the heritage of our division and to maintain the memory of our fallen, the Association has funded and erected The Division Memorial at Arlington Cemetery and the new Division Monument at Ft Campbell. These inspiring monuments serve as the focus of commemorative activities for both veterans and the active troops.

The Association is alive and well. Our goal is to provide an environment in which every Screaming Eagle will want to experience and participate. We want your ideas and your feedback to insure we are meeting the goals and expectations of our members, now and in the future. Most of all we want to see you get involved and renew your ties to our world-renowned division. Once you’ve worn the patch, you really never take it off!

For more information contact the Association Headquarters at: 101stairbornedivisionassociation@comcast.net or Phone: (931) 431-0199.


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