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Very early in the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, the Republic of Korea joined in the effort to stop the spread of communism into South Vietnam. In 1964, the 1st ROK Mash unit was deployed to Vietnam. In 1965, the ROK Army’s Capital (Tiger) Division, the 2d ROK Marine (Blue Dragon) Brigade, the Construction Support Group and the 100th Logistic Command were deployed. In 1966, the ROK Army’s 9th (White Horse) Division, the Naval Support Group, and the Aerial Support Group were deployed. In all, over 320,000 fighting men and women joined the fight, alongside their U.S. comrades.
Today, Vietnam veterans in both the U.S.A. and the Republic of Korea remember their shared experiences in Vietnam. The internet has made it possible for many old friends to find one another, even though they may live on opposite sides of our planet. The Republic of  Korea Forces of  Vietnam (ROKFV) website helps to accomplish this objective. We foster the camaraderie between the Korean and American veterans who supported one another in Vietnam. We strive to document our shared history with both official and unofficial accounts of the battles that occurred. 
Both English-speaking and Korean-speaking veterans can easily share memories and photos on our website. The user may select either the English language or the Korean language area of  the website. Mr. Jae-sung Chung is our webmaster for the  English  and  Korean language. We work diligently to facilitate communication between our Korean and American brothers in arms. Through these efforts, several old comrades have been able to reconnect.
We pay tribute to all the Vietnam veterans who fought to stop communism from spreading to South Vietnam free.   Whether you served with Koreans in Vietnam, or you would like to know more about Korea’s contributions to the war, please join us at
Mr. Jae-sung Chung, Webmaster





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